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I-CLIP Original Silver Radio Impact


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I-CLIP Equipment RFID-Shield
I-CLIP Equipment RFID-Shield
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1g I-CLIP Gold [tax-free investment gold]
1g I-CLIP Gold [tax-free investment gold]
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TECHNOLOGY MEETS FINEST LEATHER: The I-CLIP Radio Impact is tailored to fit the Apple AirTag *... more
Product information "I-CLIP Original Silver Radio Impact"

TECHNOLOGY MEETS FINEST LEATHER: The I-CLIP Radio Impact is tailored to fit the Apple AirTag * perfectly. [The Apple AirTag * is not included in the scope of delivery!]

EASY TO USE: Say goodbye to bulky and uncomfortable wallets. Thanks to the I-CLIP, simplicity has now become the new benchmark.

A CLEAR OVERVIEW & FAST CARD SELECTION: A unique feature is the resistance-free and card-protecting thumb-slide function for up to 12 cards.

ORGANIZED ACCESS TO BANKNOTES: The revolutionary high-tech clip keeps your banknotes safe and secure so you can always access them quickly and easily.

LEATHER COVER DESIGN: What really sets this leather cover apart from the rest is its unique laser cut and the slide-in compartment which is sewn in by hand. That ensures a stable and secure connection between the Apple AirTag * and the I-CLIP. [The Apple AirTag * is not included in the scope of delivery!]

UNIQUE PATINA: A special characteristic of the I-CLIP Soft Touch models is that their leather appears slightly matt and velvety when brand-new, but, with time and use, each wallet develops its own particularly noble, shiny and individual patina.

ULTRA-LIGHT & MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY: Experience your own absolute lightness of being every day. The combination of the high-tech plastic frame and its integrated money clip make it a wallet like no other: Small, light, adaptable and comfortable to carry.

MADE IN GERMANY: What sets I-CLIP apart from many other slim wallets on the market is not only the handwork that goes into every I-CLIP, but also the quality-oriented fact that it really is Made in Germany.

PERFECT AS A GIFT: Each credit card-holding wallet is delivered in a matching gift box.


: If you deem it necessary, you can protect your credit cards from unauthorized contactless payment by ordering an RFID blocker card set from I-CLIP. However, you can also do without this function as the probability of the so-called "skimming" criminality is very low in general.



Technical Data


  • Cover made of vegetable tanned cowhide
  • Frame and money clip made of high-tech plastic (Robutense)
  • Card case holds up to 12 cards
  • Money clip holds a variety of bills and receipts
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  • The cover of the I-CLIP closes with a push button
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  • Wallet dimension: 8.8 x 6.5 x 1.6 cm
Frame material: Robutense
Frame finish: Silver
Cover colour: Black
Cover design: Radio Impact