I-CLIP Sabrage Titanium Blasted


I-CLIP Sabrage Titanium Blasted - Tradition becomes an experience.

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Product information "I-CLIP Sabrage Titanium Blasted"

Sabering is not an easy thing. Nowadays, it's quite difficult to get into a club with a sabre. With our new, exclusive I-CLIP Sabrage Titanium Blasted, that's no longer a problem because our Titanium I-CLIP is specially designed for knocking off corks. Sabrage for the pleasure-seeker who has kept the fun alive.

Leather design: The leather cover, in the shape of a champagne cork, has a particularly elaborate and elegant embossing. The cover shows sabre motifs.


Unique handling: A new and simplified way to use your wallet. Say goodbye to your old, bulky wallet.


Clear & quick card selection: Thanks to the viewing window and the sliding technology, you have a quick and convenient overview of all your cards. The card case offers space for up to 10 cards.


Easy access to banknotes: The new note clip made of high-tech plastic holds a variety of notes (and receipts) securely and firmly so you can always pay quickly and easily.


Develops unique patina: The I-CLIP leather develops a beautiful, individual patina over time. No two I-CLIPs are alike and your I-CLIP is as unique as you are!


Made in Germany: The Slim Wallet by I-CLIP is made in Germany - with a very high proportion of manual work.


Perfect as a gift: Each I-CLIP always comes in a gift box. So giving a gift is not only obvious, but also easy.


Optional RFID protection: Credit cards, with the contactless payment function, can be additionally protected with the two RFID cards from I-CLIP.


Technical Data:


  • Money Clip made of high-tech plastic (Robutense)
  • Grip-Pads for protection of your cards in the titanium frame
  • Credit card compartment holds up to 10 cards
  • Money clip offers space for a variety of banknotes and sales receipts
  • The cover of the I-CLIP is closed with a snap-fastener
  • Wallet-Dimensions: 9,0 x 6 x 1,5 cm


Framefinish: Blasted
Covercolor: Black
Framematerial: Titanium
Coverdesign: Sabrage