I-CLIP Steel Polished Milanaise Black

The very special cover. Uniquely noble and that certain tingle in the fingers.

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1g I-CLIP Gold [tax-free investment gold]
1g I-CLIP Gold [tax-free investment gold]
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Active RFID Blocker Card
Active RFID Blocker Card
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mnmzd smart tool
mnmzd smart tool
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mnmzd smart tool (3er Bundle)
mnmzd smart tool (3er Bundle)
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The New Heritage Milanaise Modelles Made Of Polished Stainless Steel The Heritage model... more
Product information "I-CLIP Steel Polished Milanaise Black"

The New Heritage Milanaise Modelles Made Of Polished Stainless Steel

The Heritage model range is particularly impressive due to the feel of the robust and durable stainless steel frame.

Unique handling: A new and simplified way to use your wallet. Say goodbye to your old, bulky wallet.

Clear & quick card selection: Thanks to the viewing window and the sliding technology, you have a quick and convenient overview of all your cards. The card case offers space for up to 10 cards.

Easy access to banknotes: The new note clip made of high-tech plastic holds a variety of notes (and receipts) securely and firmly so you can always pay quickly and easily.

The new polished stainless steel frame: The high-quality I-CLIP Heritage Steel models have a stainless steel frame. This is not only corrosion-resistant, temperature-resistant and skin-friendly, but above all hygienic, scratch-resistant and durable.

Leather cover design: Inspired by the classic Milanaise wristwatch look, this beautiful Milanaise leather cover is not only a visual delight, but above all a tactile one. This leather cover design is used exclusively on the I-CLIP Heritage Steel models.

Develops unique patina: The I-CLIP leather develops a beautiful, individual patina over time. No two I-CLIPs are alike and your I-CLIP is as unique as you are!

Made in Germany: The Slim Wallet by I-CLIP is made in Germany - with a very high proportion of manual work.

Perfect as a gift: Each I-CLIP always comes in a gift box. So giving a gift is not only obvious, but also easy.

Optional RFID protection: Credit cards, with the contactless payment function, can be additionally protected with the two RFID cards from I-CLIP.

Technical data

  • cover in vegetable tanned cowhide
  • frame made of polished Stainless Steel
  • money Clip made of high-tech plastic (Robutense)
  • grip-Pads for protection of your cards in the steel frame
  • credit card compartment holds up to 10 cards
  • money clip offers space for a variety of banknotes and sales receipts
  • the cover of the I-CLIP is closed with a snap-fastener
  • wallet dimension: 9,0 x 6 x 1,5 cm
Frame material: 316L Steel - auswechselbare Klammer
Cover colour: Black
Cover design: Milanaise
Frame finish: Polished